Income tax legislation is becoming increasingly complex. The South African Revenue Services impose severe penalties and interest in an effort to improve compliance. Let us minimize your tax risk and through thorough planning and structuring.



Our tax advice and compliance service covers:


  • •   Income tax registration
  • •   Value Added Tax (VAT) registration
  • •   Completion and submission of •   Tax directives and tax clearance certificates
    •         □   Annual and provisional income tax returns 
    •         □   EMP201 and EMP501 returns
    •         □   SDL returns
    •         □   UIF returns
    •         □   VAT201 return
  • •   Objections and appeals
  • •   Capital gains tax
  • •   Taxation of Trusts
  • •   Calculation of corporate and individual tax liability
  • •   Personal and corporate tax planning
  • •   Estate duty


It is to your benefit to take ownership of your tax affairs. Get in touch with us to assist.